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The Event Planning Glossary

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The meetings industry is filled with acronyms, abbreviations, and terminology. While shorthand can save time, it can also leave professionals feeling excluded if they do not know the meaning of a term or phrase. 

To empower every event professional to participate in meaningful conversations, we rounded up a list of terms, acronyms, lingo, and catchphrases to help you level up your professional game — one acronym at a time.  

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The Event Planning Glossary
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Common Terms & Phrases

Get acquainted with all the event management terms you need to know  before your next conference.

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Certifications & Designations

Understand and master the differences between popular event planning certifications and designations.

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Organizations & Associations

Familiarize yourself with notable event planning associations and their acronyms.

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Crush your next conference with confidence by brushing up on all the event planning lingo you need to know. We hope this glossary will help you focus on what you love most: participating without barriers. 

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