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Your Guide to Safe Space Design

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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way gatherings will happen, both in the office and at events. Safety has become a top priority, and it is up to organizations to develop strategies for bringing people back together in a way that won’t compromise health or wellness.

We’ve compiled the best information on space design techniques we could find in this guide, Office and Event Design: Tips for Improving the Health and Safety of Your Spaces. 


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Challenges of Social Distancing

The Challenges of Social Distancing

Learn about the common challenges meeting planners and office employees face when designing spaces that keep people safe and healthy.

Reimagining Space Design

How to Reimagine Room Design

Discover different ways to reimagine your work or meeting space in a way that keeps people safe while remaining productive, realistic and social.

safe event example

A Real-World Example of Safe Event Design

Learn the dos and don'ts of space design by examining an actual high-attendance hybrid event that took place in July of 2020.

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If your organization is looking to re-envision a space in order to support safety and well-being, this guide is for you.

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